EDU Lectures: "What Makes Great Music Great"

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The beauty of VisualMusic as a teaching methodology for young students, the learning disabled or the music that the core elements/foundation of a music composition, and the understanding of it's multi-layered, multi-dimensional movement, can now be communicated with minimal verbal language, without making any reference to the music's printed notation, nor having to use standard music terminology...with the objective:
  1. To teach students of all ages how to understand analytical aspects the structure and form of music composition regardless of their past exposure to formal music training.
  2. A next generation non-verbal communication medium/new teaching methodology applied to teaching children with learning disabilities as well as gifted students, abstract reasoning & cognitive learning skills… and at an earlier age.
  3. In addition to it's primary Music & Art educational applications, VisualMusic enriches the music experience for the listener and brings a new dynamic to the live performance of classical and popular music.
  4. Designed early on with a multidisciplinary goal applying VisualMusic tools and methodology to support general curriculum subjects in Math, Science, History and English... impacting their overall performance and intellectual growth.
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VisualMusic, Digital Paintings in Motion
Michael A. Luckman