VisualMusic Multimedia Paintings on DVD/w Prints


bach MLuckman's original Paintings in Motion multimedia music-animations exploring Bach's Prelude in C Major on DVD (4:3 and 16:9 viewing formats available). Choose from one of three separate visual interpretations/performances. Includes 6 (5"x7") miniature color hard copy prints of sequential measures from each visual performance.

bach bach The next generation in art is "art that moves". Be on of the first to showcase this new medium in your home or office! In-between watching sports, movies or playing videogames, enrich your Multimedia Home Entertainment Experience or as a visual Guide for Meditation.

DVD Series 1 - Original visuals based on Glenn Gould's performance (sample)

DVD Series 2 - Original visuals based on Fredrick Gouda's performance (sample)

DVD Series 4 - Original visuals based on Wanda Landowska's performance (sample)

This is a Limited Edition - Artist Series DVD Collection signed and numbered by the artist.

DVD Price per Limited Edition DVD Series (including the 6 miniature prints): $149 + S/H

Special Offer...Order any 2 Series and get the 3rd for free (includes 18 prints)!

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VisualMusic, Digital Paintings in Motion
Michael A. Luckman