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VisualMusic Gallery Art

Original one-of-a-kind Canvas Paintings from the 2006 Lenox Collection (now on tour) are being released beginning August 2007 as Giclees on Canvas in a 250/Limited Edition Collection, signed and numbered by the artist. Each work of art comes with a complimentary companion multimedia DVD that features your still art as seen in the animated presentation.

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About the 2006 Lenox Collection

Medium: Original digital art transferred to canvas using acrylics, custom air brushed, hand painted musical notation and layered mixed media techniques by the artist MLuckman.

Style: Abstract - Geometric - Fractal Paintings in Motion.

Subject: Artist's interpretation of a musical composition's structure and development, measure by measure displayed in sequential order or series.

Description: Canvases mounted on museum-quality stretcher bars ready for hanging or framing - multiple sizes to fit your living space.

VisualMusic installations in alternate mediums can be customized for corporate environments/large public spaces...
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Copyright 2006
VisualMusic, Digital Paintings in Motion
Michael A. Luckman