Visual Music Paintings in Motion, by Michael A. Luckman
Multimedia and Live Entertainment Series
A series of fascinating multimedia music and graphic-animation programs both richly entertaining and educational, demonstrating how visual-stimuli acting as an accompaniment to the music can effect and expand the listeners' overall "music experience". Custom designed for all age groups and special needs audiences.

Michael A. Luckman, renowned composer/performer and creator in the visual arts, following his premiere showcase to the Tanglewood audience last summer will be presenting "What Makes Great Music Great - from Bach to Broadway", at special events, schools, libraries, senior centers, hospitals, retirement communities… beginning August - December 2007 throughout the NY tri-state area.

The audience will be treated to Mr. Luckman personally presenting his multimedia works played on a big screen along with live music performed by the artist. The series will include a wide selection of musical/visual animations from Bach to Broadway's "Chicago", to American popular standards from the 40's to the present.

Testimonials from recent engagements at:
Libraries, Universities, Assisted Senior Living Centers...
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VisualMusic, Digital Paintings in Motion
Michael A. Luckman