VisualMusic Paintings in Motion and Multimedia Series
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Above: 18x24 Giclee on Canvas Paintings originally featured in the Bach C Major music animation series on DVD, can be purchased separately or as a set or three, graphically revealing the harmonic movement from measures 17, 18 and 19.
About VisualMusic Still Art and Graphic Animation
VisualMusic - Paintings in Motion are the artist's interpretation of a musical composition's structure and form originally created as individual hand-painted cells within a graphic music animation. In each series, the graphics played sequentially in sync with the music, collectively reveal one or more parameters of the music's development from beginning to end. Individually, each painting depicts a single measure or moment in time from the music, characterized by the ability to stand alone as a separate work of art.

Experience walking through Bach's Prelude in C Major surrounded by original hanging art and corresponding graphic animations played in sync with the music, capturing measure by measure the composition's development, revealing "What Makes Great Music Great"!

In the Bach preludes, for example, the artist interprets the harmonic/tonal structure of the composition using color-coded geometric shapes and patterns timed to the music, communicating to the viewer a true sense of the music's movement and counterpoint. Upon several viewings, laymen as well as professionals will come to recognize and identify these visual patterns with elements of the music as the eye and ear begin to make the connection, further enhancing their understanding of the composition.
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