About the Artist
Michael A. Luckman Composer, photographer, creator of graphic arts, educational innovator and teacher. After having graduated with honors from the New England Conservatory in Boston, teaching at Stonybrook University and spending several years abord collaborating with world-class musicians, Mr. Luckman brings to the forefront VisualMusic.

As a music educational graphic's program, VisualMusic incorporates a unique musical animation language that interprets music's structure and form providing new insight and appreciation for both the professional and the layman into "what makes great music great". Played in sync as an accompaniment to the music, VisualMusic graphics appear as digital paintings in motion, creating musical landscapes that trace the music's structure and harmonic development.

Seeds of this concept were planted when Mr. Luckman collaborated with Charles Shultz, of "Peanuts" fame, in the development of a visual-music animated production for a "Charlie Brown" primetime television special. He has since started to create unique multimedia educational programs using VisualMusic to teach in an interactive mode, students, grades K-12, how to mentally process and understand various levels of music composition. His programs have been piloted at schools on the east coast and have been enthusiastically reveived by both students and teachers.

Interestingly, as Mr. Luckman tarried with developing his program, the graphics he designed began to take on a life of their own, creating independent pieces of art. Beyond the classroom and hanging art, the graphic pieces accompanied by a CD of their corresponding music can also provide an exciting multimedia experience for home theater entertainment.

The opportunities for the use of VisualMusic are limitless. Having been recognized for the great value of his creations, Mr. Luckman continues to seek new avenues in which to further his work.

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VisualMusic, Digital Paintings in Motion
Michael A. Luckman